Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Habits of Graphic Designers Part 1

As a designer you may ask yourself sometimes, what sets you apart from other designers? Some may say that your unique style sets you apart and then some may say that it's your design experience that sets you apart from other designers. While this is may not be true in some cases, it's not just your design skills and experiences that will make you more successful than other designers. What sets successful designers from others are their habits?


In the design field,  you will most likely be working on more than one project at a time. You will be expected to keep up with each client request and needs. You will have to figure out how to solve their problem with your designs, and you'll need to do it quickly. 


Being an organized designer is a must! You need a system for keeping track of everything that you do. From thumbnails, sketches, mockups, and final product. You have to keep each client's records in a certain place, whether you have an online filing system or a physical cabinet for their projects, invoices, releases, and other materials. When organizing you need to figure the best system for you to organize, you can not remember each task in your head. I recommend that  Remember the Milk or Wunderlist  to help you organize your work.


Prioritizing your work is great when you are a designer! You have to be able to determine what tasks are most important and what should be done first. You shouldn't be working on something that is due next week, when you have things that are due at the end of the day. Knock out all main tasks of the day, and then you can work your way down through all of the rest of your tasks in the order of their priority. 

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