Monday, May 5, 2014

5 Reasons Why Designers Should Blog!

For the past couple of days I kept asking myself why should designers blogs? There are multiple reasons that came to my head on why I think designers should blog. Should they blog to get their name out to public, to give their advice, to gain clients, to let to people know there skill set, etc.  Then I thought about what other designers say about designers blogging.

1. Relatively Low Cost

Blogging costs a little money and takes a little time. It is still a relatively low cost to promote your design business-especially when you compare it to paying for advertisements.

2. Builds Authority 

Use your blog to show off your knowledge in your area. To do this, create and share high-quality that is relevant to your specialty.

3. Grows Relationships 

Blogs tend to have communities that grow up around them. These communities consist of regular commentators who interact frequently with the blog's authors and readers.

4. Shows off your skills 

Your skills aren't always evident in your portfolio, which only shows the end result. In your blog, you can connect the dots and tells prospects how you worked behind the scene to make that project a success.

5. Your Unique Voice 

No one approaches the design business quite like you. No matter who you are, you have a unique slant on the industry. With your blog, that uniqueness gets a voice.

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