Monday, May 19, 2014

Changes in Interactive Media

As this semester comes to a close, I have realized that technology is not the same as it was in January. I know that may sound crazy, but it's true take the Apple, Inc for an example they blogged about the technologies that they were launching later that year. They improved there iphone, ipads, imacs, macbook, etc. They took there software and made it better and more usability friendly.

Technology changes every second, hour and day. I have realized that the more I have blogged each every time I would go look to see what was the newest trend in design, what is the hottest font to use, what new way can I promote myself. I believe the only to stay on top of the new changes is reading the latest blog, researching, watching tutorials, read what people are saying, attend conferences and most importantly blog about what you feel about the new technology changes. Doing all of these should keep up to date with what is new in the technology world. 

As technology changes do not become comfortable with what you know how to do. Take risk in learning how to do something. Take me for example, I am currently building an interactive campus map on North Carolina A&T State University. When first deciding to do the map I had know idea of where to began, so i began researching different types of campus maps and what they used to build them. After that I began,  playing around with different ways to build the map and different ways to style the map. Once I was done coding the map I felt a since of accomplishment, I achieved something that I didn't know to do and I didn't take the easy way out doing it. My point is do not stay in your comfort zone, go outside the box to be the best!

P.S. Thank you Dr. Sturg for making me blog this semester, it really made look at my career and I how want to promote myself as a designer I really do appreciate it.

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