Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reasons Why Designers Blog Part 2

1. Communication Skills

Communication can be done through proposals, email, phone calls, and other sources. Blogging is one great medium to communicate with the outer world making others well acquainted with your creative skills too that will directly help you in freelance business.

2. Online Appearance

What's the point creating amazing designs which no one knows about. Building strong professional network, having connections can lead to referrals and spreading the word around. This is where blogging comes into play. Through blogging you get to meet people all around the world.

3. Another Income Source

If you are a designer that doesn't meant that you can earn only through designing. You can add to your income if you want to by investing your free time and efforts in something productive like blogging.

4. Serves as a Platform

When you are handling some projects for clients you don't get the option to make other people know about your creative talent. This can be well done through one of the most effective blog. Whenever you create a new design, blog about it and let the world know about it.

4. Break the Monotony

No matter how interesting any work is at one point or the other you tend to get monotonous feeling by following the same routine, handling the same kind of projects, using the same tools over and over again for years. Blogging is one interesting trick that definitely works as its your personal space where you can share your ideas, viewpoints, designs, communicate with the outer world and much more.

Source: http://bit.ly/1kHlsCr

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